About the Company

ST-TREND d.o.o. is a family-owned company established in 2001, but actually operating since 1993. After years of hard work following our wishes and our mission, we have been rewarded with becoming a recognisable supplier in the field of our service throughout Europe.

The main activities of the company are projection, production and installation of machines, machine lines and machine parts in:

  • the car tyre manufacturing process
  • the air spring manufacturing process
  • the mineral wool manufacturing process

We also produce and install machines, machine lines and machine parts for other industries, using our own or the customer’s documentation.

ST-TREND d.o.o. company consists of two departments:

  • projecting department
  • production department

Both departments are located at the same site.

Our advantages are professional competence and reliability, having been recognized also by our customers. We are innovative, adjustable and prepared for challenges that appear on the market on a daily basis.